Pedicure at Home : Elegance is when the Inside is as Beautiful as Outside

Natural beauty is a god gift, but maintaining it, is more important.  So as our outer skin. In everyday life our skin tends to lose its beauty due to exposure to sun, water, dirt and pollution. Specially feet. Beauty experts recommend a monthly pedicure for our feet. For few it is extravagance and lavish indulgence. On the other side, it’s as important as other beauty treatments for your skin.

These days you will find various kinds of pedicure in the market as per your requirement. A basic process of pedicure includes cleaning, filing your nails, scrubbing feet, applying moisturizer, and a relaxing foot massage. It’s all about those special elements and ailments that serve different purposes. Now it’s your choice what suits you the most; it might be a regular pedicure to make your feet clean and tidy, or you may ask for an anti-tan pedicure to remove tan and finally cleaning your feet. Those who have painful feet and leg can opt for stone pedicure to relax those over-stressed muscles and cleaning.

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Find few trending pedicures with their benefits and make your feet happy and beautiful.

Anti-Tan Pedicure: The Discoloration of your skin is caused due to excessive exposure to bare and harsh sun, which destroys melanin of skin therefore developing pigmentation over skin. This tan removal pedicure helps to clean, refresh and rejuvenate your foot skin.

French Pedicure: For a classic and elegant look for your feet, you can opt for a French pedicure. After completing the process of pedicure, the nails are colored nude or light pink color as base of the nail, coloring the tip of the nail with thin white strip. But these days, the boring thin white strip is no longer in trend. It is colored in various shades as per your choice.

Hot Stone Pedicure: This kind of pedicure is all about massaging various kinds of oil to your skin and making it relaxed and comforting. A simple cleaning is given to your feet. After the process of cleaning a warm and long massage with essential oils is given to soothe your soaring feet. With the help of warm stones to your feet you will definitely find the best comfort ever.

Fish Pedicure: this is the trending pedicure these days. For the procedure, you keep your feet in a pool of few tiny fishes that eat up all dirt from feet. Isn’t it exciting?

Spa Pedicure: this pedicure is upgraded version of regular pedicure you get in salons. Along with the regular pedicure what more you get is aromatic oils, exfoliating scrubs, a hot towel wrap and wax dip.

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