What is BALAYAGE? Why this Hair Dye Technique is so Popular? Top Reasons to Get Your Hair BALAYAGED!

Planning a new hair style? Well go for this new technique of hair and get ready for that sun-kissed look for your beautiful hair at your doorsteps.

Balayage is a new trend of hair coloring technic that’s quite a buzz. It is a new favorite among celebrities these days. After the highlights and ombre, a booming trend Balayage has arrived which means ‘to paint’ or ‘to sweep’ in French language.

The celebrity hair dresser Richard Ward says, “It’s a freehand coloring technique that gives a really natural blended look with no harsh or obvious regrowth lines.”

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What we remember 1970s’ is for high boots, flared jeans and striped suit, but Balayage coloring technique emerged during this time by French colorists. But the trend is back again in full swing.  It gives you natural sun kissed look to your hair making it looks soft and much blended. It gives you a subtle yet impactful grace to your all over personality. It suits almost all the hair styles, be it short pixie cut or beach waves, be it waist long hair or shoulder length hair. It is free hand coloring technique with low maintenance which means no regrowth line even when your hairs grow a little longer.

It doesn’t require special tools or aluminum foils or caps unlike other coloring techniques. While highlighting, first few strands are taken in a manner and colored from top to bottom in same color. But Balayage is unconventional; here the color brush is swept down from any point to bottom. It might be taken just next to roots of hair or may be after one fourth of your hair length. This process makes hair smoothly blended and looks effortless.

Sounds amazing and simple! Definitely amazing but not as simple you think. Only professionals or who have learnt the technique should be approached. It is best to leave it to specialists. Our beauticians at home are certainly the best among all. The home beauticians here can give you such transformation at your home, at your doorsteps.  This technique of coloring and blending them with proper shades will definitely make you diva at home.

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