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‘Glowing skin is a result of proper skin care. It means you can wear less make up and let skin shine through.’- Michael Coulombe

Glowing skin is a dream of every woman and it comes only with a proper care and dedication. Clean and glowing face gives you confidence and courage. Now summer is the perfect time to minimize your make up and flaunt that sun-kissed glow. No doubt it is definitely crucial time to show up your glowing skin. As the temperature starts soaring in summers your skin begins sending you signal different ways. The weather conditions give various challenges to skin. The skins confronts complications like

Heat Waves: It starts with sweating, which is quite natural but it should not be itchy and results in rashes or blisters. It is due to dirt clogging the pores hence blocking sweat with in.

Tanning: When your skin is revealed to bare sun, damaging melanin developing dark pigmentations on your skin.

Sunburns: It is very common among people who are mostly working outdoors and facing direct sun. The scorching sun parches your skin leaving red patches.

Acne: Sweat, dust and heat are a perfect combination to generate bacteria on your skin for acne.

In order to combat all above mentioned summer complications, facial massage becomes basic and indispensable requirement for your skin at an interval of 15 days. Now the question is why at an interval of 15 days?  This is because the sun scorches away your skin daily and the impurities keep settling down onto your skin repeatedly. At the same time sweating and bacteria makes your skin unhealthy.  Frequent facial massages will be the best remedy to cast away all skin troubles.

The beauty professionals at are decked up with the exact requirement for your skin. May what kind of skin or skin condition you have our experts are always available with all kind of treatments with the products to give you radiant and glowing skin. They start cleansing your face with cotton pads, sponge or special wipes. Depending upon your skin massage is chosen.

The beautician at home gives you a gentle steam to soften up blackheads and relax your skin. The process is followed up by exfoliation that helps to remove upper layer of dead cells on your skin. Extraction of blackheads depends on the need of your face. Starting from basic to advance and then professional strokes are given to sooth and relax the skin and bring out that glow. An appropriate face mask is applied to calm your skin and cells. The skin is applied with moisturizer, toner or serum as per requirement. The beauty professionals at home are well aware of all kinds of products and natural ingredient to make your skin back to normal.

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