Top 9 Professional Salon services at Home by Home Salon Services

Yes! You heard it right, No more to wait for your number in the queue…

Privacy at home is the supreme one to what we get behind the curtains,
Home Salon Services are here to give an edge to women’s busy schedule and make sure
that they don’t have to compromise with their Beauty Needs.

As life in metro cities like Delhi work on one principle- No matter how we feel, get up,
dress up and keep working and here women have to play multi-facet roles, so they
rightfully deserve some pampering and relaxation.

Home salon service helps you to gift salon packages to such women in your life or a
relaxation gift to themselves with the comfort of being at your own homes, no need to even
step out of the doorstep.

Beauty at Home Noida

“When was the last time when you did something for the first time, as in the end we only
regret the chances we dont take, it’s better to try something new then to feel embarrassed
later and not all new things are bad”
Now, get the parlour experience at home with best of the prices and packages.

WHY Home Salon Services?
We are a verified form of set up with a class of professional Beauticians who are then
trained better to serve you better.

Guaranteed Use Of High Quality Products, Maximum Level of Customer Satisfaction all
under Reasonable Rates!

WHAT do Home Salon Services have to offer YOU?
Beauty and Makeup Services at Home, Professional Doorstep Salon Service for Ladies in
Delhi NCR which includes:

  • Facial Manicure
  • Clean Up Massage
  • Bleach Threading
  • Waxing Make-up
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Massage
  • Threading
  • Make-up

PS: We use branded products and well-trained beauticians, you will definitely be calmer
and relaxed after the beauty treatments.

Easy To Use
Just a Call Away: +91847-002-7823, book your appointment with our team and beauticians
will be at your service on the decided time.

Saves Efforts and Time
Lazy to move out, surprised events pop up, or you are a working woman, or is the small
baby your concern, one solution to all of them is Home Salon Services.

She remembered who she was and the game changed, in taking care of others women
often take herself for granted which should be avoided as you have to live with that body

PS: Grooming is an important part of self-care!

Start Loving yourself and you will see the change in the way others see you.

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