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' Home Salon Service ' acts merely as a connection between the beauticians and the customers. Even though we take all necessary steps to do a thorough screening and run a discreet background check, 'Home Salon Service does not take any responsibility regarding the moral behaviour or personal conduct of client towards the beautician and vice versa.

Lady beauticians, who offer beauty services, should make a discretionary judgement call before taking an assignment and take adequate care to avoid any kind of embarrassing scenario. We are not responsible for any such unforeseen event.

Home Salon Service is not responsible for defining quality in beauty services. We neither accept any benchmark nor guarantee any quality Delivery of quality service in beauty industry are very subjective issues that varies beautician to beautician and client to client. Home Salon service has the sole right to add, modify or delete any content on this website at any point of time without prior notice.

Home Salon Service reserves the right to cancel any appointment or without giving any justification. The amount paid at the time of booking will be refunded.

Acceptance of booking amount is neither a guarantee nor a legal commitment by 'Home Salon Service' to mandatorily provide a beautician for the services.

Home Salon Service is neither liable nor legally responsible for ensuring the quality of goods and services advertised by the advertisers and any purchase decision made, basis the information furnished on this website is the responsibility of the buyer. Any need for a legal arbitration, which arises out of the purchase decision taken basis the advertisement, is to be settled between the buyer and seller without our involvement.